Camp Calendar and Schedule

December 2017

  •  AAUW Branches begin to Contact Middle School Teachers who will nominate girls for
    their local AAUW Branches
  •  The only avenue for nomination is through participating schools with local AAUW

January 2018

  •  Branches accept teacher nominations of students
  •  Directors select core class and presenter teachers
  • Applications available to previous Camp Curie attendees for Student Counselor positions.
    Must a high school sophomore or older. (Minimum of 3 years past camp attendance).

February 2018

  • Accept Student Volunteer Counselors – deadline is February 26
  •  Local AAUW branches send out Student Applications to nominees – check your branch
    for deadlines

March 2018

  • Confirm list of dorm monitors and begin background checks
  •  Branches complete Interviews of Tech Trek nominees

April 2018

  • AAUW Branches send names of selected campers/alternates to camp staff by April 1st
  •  Local Branches will hold a camp orientation at various times during April and May
  •  For selected campers, a $50 participation fee is due to your sponsoring AAUW Branch
  •  Register on-line with National AAUW

May 2018

  • Early in May, E-mail confirmations and an initial camp information sheet will be sent to
    parents and campers by camp staff
  •  Late in May, camp packet forms (permission, health, biography, transportation, campus
    waivers etc) will be sent to campers and parents by e-mail. Print, fill out and return to
    designated camp staff by due dates listed on the forms.

June 2018

  •  Camp forms due to camp staff early June – exact dates indicated on forms.
  •  Maps, directions, camp schedule and final paperwork will be e-mailed to parents and
    campers late in June.

July 2018

  • July 7th —Camp set up and Student Volunteer Orientation Day
  • July 8th – Staff orientation in the morning
  • July 8th – Campers arrive midafternoon, parents may stay for an opening session
  • July 14th – 9:00 AM parents pick up campers