About Our Camp

Tech Trek at Stanford University, Camp Curie; July 7-13, 2019

Check out pictures of our camp activities from 2017

A Video of 2017 Tech Trek Camp Curie at Stanford Campus

Camp Description

  • 74-78 girls live in the dorms, depending on dormitory assignment
  • 7 dorm moms, 7 counselors, 1 nurse, 1 teacher, 2 directors are also in residence
  • 6 core classes are taught by credentialed teachers; each core class takes a field trip on or
    near campus related to their core subject
  • Various other presentations or classes are taught by STEM professionals
  • All materials and t-shirts provided

Stanford is located in the heart of Silicon Valley which is home to many high tech companies such as Lockheed Martin, Symantec, Google, NASA, Facebook and Apple. The resources available to the camp from being in Silicon Valley and located at a world class university are bountiful.

Tech Trek is looking for girls who have not had the opportunity for experiences like Tech Trek before, but are excited by the opportunity to try something new, learn new things, and challenge themselves. The ideal Tech Trek campers cooperate with teachers; shows respect for other students; regularly participates in class discussions and makes positive choices for themselves in and out of class. To apply, a girl must be nominated by their science or math teacher.

The girls will leave camp with a new appreciation for STEM careers and they may return home a different, confident young woman.