What are former campers saying about Tech Trek?

  • “My experience at Tech Trek was absolutely amazing! I had so much fun learning about
    chemistry, engineering, genetics, mathematics, app development, technology, general
    sciences, and astronomy! But most importantly, I learned that there are many other girls in the state that are very similar to me! We share common interests and aspirations for our
    futures. Meeting all of these amazing girls really took my experience at Tech Trek to a
    whole new level, and I would not have enjoyed it almost at all if it wasn’t for them.”
  • “I realized that I am WAY more interested in STEM than I thought. I’m more confident in
    my STEM skills. I loved the other girls at camp and had a great time in my classes.”
  •  “Being with so many people who were interested in the same things that I am and learning
    about the things we loved was awesome. I know I am going to do my best in every class,
    knowing it will help my careers and future.”
  • “It really boosted my self-confidence and I explored more STEM jobs that I wasn’t aware
  • “I didn’t realize I was smart until my teachers nominated me for this camp. I’m so grateful
    for the life changing experience.”
  • “Living in the dorms was scary at first, but by the end of the week I could easily see myself
    attending college and living on a campus in the future.”

Camp Marie Curie July 2017